Carla SpeakingSharing the story of what fuels and informs her work and life has become increasingly important to Carla.

As a woman of faith, she believes in a good God no matter the circumstances. Life is not always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be extremely challenging.  Carla grew up in a family touched by mental illness. Eventually, once grown and married with a family of her own, mental illness found its way there, too. This is the story Carla shares.

The ability to be candid in her speaking is given by way of permissions granted and also from an understanding that the conversation around mental health must continue in order to end stigma. Having a relationship with God gives Carla the strength, courage and joy to not only tell this  story but also to continue to live it out.

During her speaking engagements, Carla shares how the experiences of living alongside loved ones with mental illness are woven together with her faith journey. Often, she uses her photography to help tell the story. Carla has shared with a variety of audiences, confident that in some way, the telling will impact others for good.