It’s not uncommon for people to want to live or even work in their favourite neighbourhood, but Carla Dyck has taken her love of Winnipeg and Corydon Ave to a whole new level. Carla has designed a clothing line that allows people to fashionably show pride in their neighbourhood and city.

carla1“I’ve seen other’s wearing leggings with graphic designs and thought my Winnipeg could work on these,” she said. “Putting a city on wearable art was not something I’d seen before. Just graphic art like snowflakes or graphic designs.”

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Winnipeg photographer creates picture-perfect clothing


Her new line of clothing puts the city in a beautiful light.

Dyck’s love of photography took off about five years ago. As her passion for snapping pictures grew, so did her focus on images of Winnipeg.

The photographer knows investing in artwork can be a tough sell in a city with a reputation for being frugal, but she has found a way to share her magical cityscapes in a brand new line of clothing…

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Clothes to home


Carla Dyck wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to her love for Winnipeg, so it’s fitting she’s designed a clothing line that allows others to fashionably show pride in our city.

Dyck has operated Carla Dyck Photography since 2010, mostly selling fine art prints on e-commerce site A couple of months ago, she noticed leggings and skirts with graphic designs on them, then came up with an idea.

“I took a look at these and thought my Winnipeg could work on these,” she said.

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Interview with Photographer Carla Dyck

Today we get to know Carla Dyck, a 46 year old photographer who lives in Winnipeg, Canada. She sells her fine art photography prints and postcards which include themes such as Floral, Winter, Nautical Living, Romance and more at her Etsy store.

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